Overview: Become the Leader You Want to Be

Welcome to the Robin Sharma leadership blog challenge! Here are the exclusive details for this exciting six-week challenge that will take place March 22-April 29. Visit blog.success.com every Monday and Wednesday for new posts from Robin Sharma or sign up for e-mail updates.

About Robin Sharma: For more than 15 years, Robin Sharma has been quietly sharing with Fortune 500 companies and many of the super-rich a success formula that has made him one of the most sought-after leadership advisers in the world.

Challenge Week 1
Monday, March22/Thursday, March 25
Blog #1: Leadership 2.0: The New Way to Win

  • Influence versus position
  • 3 action steps
  • VIDEO: “Burt”

Blog #2: The 5 Excellences of Leaders Without Titles

  • Real-world tactics to lead right now
  • The IMAGE acronym
  • VIDEO: “Jordan on the Merchant of Wow” tactic

Challenge Week 2
Monday, March 29/Thursday, April 1

Blog #3: The Secrets of Great Performance

  • What the best do to get better
  • How to get to BIW (Best in World) in your field
  • “Great Performance” explained
  • VIDEO: NYC taxi driver

Blog #4: The Need to Stand for Genius

  • Lessons on innovation
  • Leaving the Safe Harbor of The Known (the way you’ve always done things) and going Blue Ocean
  • The scariness of deep change
  • Managing change in highly uncertain times

Challenge Week 3
Monday, April 5/Thursday, April 8

Blog #5: The Business of Business is People

  • Why in a digital world, relationship-building has never been so essential
  • Practical relationship strategies from superb leaders of people

Blog #6: The Best Leadership Move

  • Personal leadership and “The 7 Fundamentals”
  • The Morning Protocol

Challenge Week 4
Monday, April 12/Monday, April 15

Blog #7: How Superstars Overcome Adversity

  • Tactics to win in tough times
  • The mindset of a champion
  • Why failure is the price of excellence

Blog #8: A Lust for Learning

  • The imperative of developing “the beginner’s mindset”
  • Why success can be dangerous

Challenge Week 5
Monday, April 19/Thursday, April 22

Blog #9: Why Criticism is a Very Good Sign

  • All visionaries/disruptors/innovators are ridiculed, but eventually revered
  • “Criticism is the price of excellence”

Blog #10: Authenticity as a Competitive Advantage

  • The Juice Company story
  • The value of candor and transparency in a world of plasticity

Challenge Week 6
Monday, April 26/Thursday, April 29

Blog #11: Why Win if it’s No Fun?

  • The importance of enjoying life’s process while realizing your entrepreneurial dreams
  • Tactics to inject more passion and adventure into your days
  • Work-life balance insights and strategies

Blog #12: The End Game of Leadership

  • Powerful ideas around the realization of personal greatness and creating a life of significance
  • A discussion around the need to craft a legacy and influence future generations

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