Oprah & Deepak Challenged Me to 21 Days of Meditation—and I Won!

Have you been wondering if a bus hit me? It did, in the form of multiple houseguests, holiday prep, children’s crises (like big school projects you just learned about that are due tomorrow) and an immense work load at the office. But although it ultimately took me over six weeks to finish the month-long Meditation Challenge, I am proud to say I completed it—and that it had a positive impact on me.

As an editor, I had some quibbles about the structure and wording in the Challenge. As I closed in on the last few days of the meditations, I was struck by the fact that I now understood some of the airy-fairy language Oprah and Deepak used in the early days. I mentioned before that in the beginning of the meditation (which, by the way, is now available for purchase), what Oprah and Deepak seemed to be saying was something right out of that kooky book The Secret, that whatever desire you can get if you just visualize it enough. (In the Challenge, you “align” your desires with the powers of the universe via meditation.)

As you go through the month-long Challenge, however, you realize that what all of us really want is (drum roll) love. Deepak gently leads you beyond “the desires of the ego” (that yellow Lamborghini I’ve been eyeing) to why I really want it (my college-age son will want to hang out with me!). Lots of us think we want pots of money, but if we scratch below the surface, it’s all about not feeling the love from your boss or wishing you had more time to spend with the people you cherish. As the cliché goes, people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses who don’t care about them or let them go to their kid’s school play.

So many of us who define ourselves as achievers have something to prove—in my case, I will always be competing with my two accomplished sisters, always trying to meet my mother’s high standards (how embarrassing to admit, but there it is… I want my mommy!).

The meditations calmed me down so well that I came out of them feeling kind of drunk, but as soon as I sobered up, I was centered and psyched to face the day’s challenges and to connect with the people I love here at work and at home.

Reader, I plunked down the $39.99 so I can keep doing the meditations and “Challenge” myself even more. Will you?

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Susan Kane is former editor in chief of SUCCESS. She relocated from New York City, where she was editor of publications such as Parenting and New Woman.

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