On the Bookshelf: Fascinate

UPDATED: May 24, 2023
PUBLISHED: June 13, 2011
On the Bookshelf: Fascinate

Overshadowed by her high-achieving siblings, Sally Hogshead discovered at the tender age of 7 that a competitive market demands an even more competitive message. And so began her fascination with messaging that attracts and holds attention.

In Fascinate,Hogshead explains the reasons we buy or are drawn to products, people, television shows or anything else that fascinates us. The seven triggers are lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice and trust.

Think about it. Why are so many products pitched by beautiful, scantily clad people? Why does a freeway accident cause a traffic jam on the opposite side of the highway? Why do people care what celebrities wear on the red carpet? The answer: fascination. Whether we’re intrigued, captivated, frightened, enamored or repulsed, we can’t help but watch and wait for more information.

You may already be using one or more of the seven triggers in your messaging. And, without a doubt, you’ve been influenced to buy because of these triggers. But in this book, you’ll learn how to deliberately and more effectively fascinate people and to use that fascination to get them to purchase your product or support your cause.

Noteworthy Quote

“Herein lies the power of fascination: It strips away our usual rational barriers, exposing our minds, leaving us vulnerable to influence, naked to persuasion.”

A few things you’ll learn
from this book:

What makes a message fascinating

How to attract and hold someone’s attention

How to identify your primary trigger and use it effectively

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