On Showing Up Just As You Are with Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Tara Renze

UPDATED: January 31, 2024
PUBLISHED: December 7, 2022
On Showing Up Just As You Are with Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Tara Renze

Tara Renze’s grandmother left a note for Renze’s one-week-old son that simply said: “Be who you came to be.” That simple but profound message transformed her life and is now changing the lives of other professionals. This week, Renze and On Your Terms host Erin King talk about showing up as your authentic, vulnerable self, including battling negative self-talk, admiring rather than comparing yourself to others and recognizing your highest inner saboteurs.

“Be your authentic self” might be common advice, but it’s not easily done. In a world where people—and particularly women—are constantly comparing themselves to others and trying to fit into a socially acceptable mold, it can be difficult to be yourself when there’s a constant chance that you’ll be judged for it. Renze, however, would argue that instead of trying to be someone everyone will like, you should be you, with slight shifts in what you say or do based on your audience. In this episode, Renze discusses the trials that came with writing her book, being authentic while still accommodating your audience and learning from your mistakes. 

Take the free Saboteur Assessment at positiveintelligence.com/saboteurs. Learn more about Tara Renze at tararenze.com. Listen to The Big Ask Podcast and follow her on Instagram at @tararenze. Her latest book is Be Who You Came To Be, and she also has a children’s book being released soon! 

On Your Terms with Erin King is no longer releasing new episodes on the SUCCESS Podcast Network, but you can still listen to the full conversation below.

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Erin King is the bestselling author of “You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity” and “Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace.” She’s also the Chief Social Officer at Strikepoint Media, a digital marketing firm focused on social customer acquisition. But hands down, her toughest job is being a personal full-time assistant to a 13-pound cavapoo puppy named Betty White. You can connect with her on Instagram @mrs.erin.king