Of Love and Catfights

"At the heart of the series—despite the catfights and endless sarcasm—is a family that truly loves and supports one another," executive producer Ryan Seacrest told E! in 2007, announcing the series premiere. "The familiar dynamics of this family make them one Hollywood bunch that is sure to entertain."

Now five years after the radio personality, television host and executive producer first pitched a show about a family we didn’t know, SUCCESS asked Seacrest how he’d pitch the show today.

“Honestly, I don't think I would describe the show much differently,” Seacrest says by e-mail. The Ryan Seacrest on the Air and American Idol host worked to accommodate even that with his busy schedule because he “wanted to do this for Kim.”  

“Any good TV show is about great storytelling. The Kardashian family—today more than ever—amazingly keeps generating new storylines that are fascinating, wildly entertaining and yet still relatable. Audiences adore her and want to watch her life evolve,” Seacrest says.

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