My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is not personality, title or endowment. Leadership is a price. We all pay the price: either the price of leadership or the price of failure. No one ever leads in a crowd. Someone sets the pace or paves the way.

The Art of Decision Making

Make it: Don’t wait until you can make the right decision. Make a decision and then make it right.

Make it yours: Get good counsel, but when the final decision is made make it yours.

Stick by it: Stick by your decisions, never quit. Great goals aren’t reached in 30 days.

Life’s Three Great Decisions

1. Who will you live your life with? A marriage is not successful because of compatibility. Integrity is the key. Integrity to make a decision, make it yours and die by it.

2. What will you live your life in? A job is as sacred as a marriage. The person who doesn’t love, honor and cherish their work will never receive the rewards that come to those who live their work.

3. What will you live it for? Purpose and Motive. Purpose produces passion. If the motive isn’t right, the results will be wrong. We can succeed for ourselves or for God.


We grow through failure, we tolerate the critics and no one knows like the leader the wearisome process of transforming a thin skin and hard heart into a thick skin and soft heart.


Vision belongs to all who are willing to commit their lives to their goals. After commitment, the decisions are simple because vision is that quality that enables and empowers us to pay the price.


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