Murray Breaks the ‘Groundhog Day’ Curse–Twice

Twenty years ago this month, TV weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) went on a life lockdown in the film Groundhog Day. The selfish Connors could behave badly without fear of repercussion, because the next morning he would wake up to a clean slate—it was Feb. 2 all over again. When Connors finally redeems himself and stops the cycle, the film teaches about finding personal values (kindness, caring, creativity) and persevering. Those are lessons that everyone can put to use.

SUCCESS contributing editor Don Yaeger recently caught up with Murray to ask whether he’s ever had an experience similar to those of his Connors character. “Playing [golf] at Pebble Beach felt like a Phil Connors experience for me, and not in a good way,” meaning he lost there time and again in the annual pro-am. “Then in 2011 we won the darn tournament! Of course, it was all my doing!” Murray claimed facetiously. “Being paired with a fellow Illinois native, I knew we couldn’t lose. It didn’t hurt that my partner, D.A. Points, hit an eagle and putt well down the stretch. It turned out to be his first ever PGA Tour win. You want to talk about a real Cinderella story—that was it.”


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