Motorclass CEO Alan Barton Shares Entrepreneurial Tips for Success


PUBLISHED: September 22, 2022
Motorclass CEO Alan Barton Shares Entrepreneurial Tips for Success

How do you find success? It’s an age-old question that people have aspired to answer over and over again. Alan Barton, an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Motorclass, a car dealership for luxury vehicles in the United Kingdom, has his own entrepreneurial tips to offer. While he came from humble beginnings, Barton’s career has inspired budding entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

After finding himself disinterested and unstimulated, Barton left school at an early age. He spent years trying to find his path until he was 19 years old and got a sales job at a car dealership, where he discovered his passion for sales. He left that job after two years to start his own business, but it failed after a few years in part because of his lack of experience.

Despite the setback, Barton started a new job at a large franchise dealer. He advanced quickly and not only honed his personal skills but his understanding of the automotive industry. Seven years later, Barton set out on his own again and established Motorclass. Since its inception, Motorclass has produced yearly revenues of £45 million.

Now 35, Barton owns one of the most successful luxury car dealerships that serve a range of high-net-worth individuals, from business leaders to athletes. However, it has not been easy. “There were no free rides, no shortcuts,” Barton says. “Motorclass’ launch is a story of endeavor, risk and reward.”

Importantly, Barton tells entrepreneurs not to let the past define them. Instead, he says to use your history, embrace it and shape its negatives into the future’s positives. Barton came from a humble background with no wealth to inherit. He experienced many challenges growing up but did not let that deter his success. Rather, he used them as stepping stones to his success. 

Another tip Baron shares is that building a great team is essential, and finding the right people to facilitate your business operations can be a challenge. Barton looks for self-motivated people eager to make their professional mark on the world who will be invested in the company’s growth and reputation in the future. “A unique part of Motorclass’ set-up is its core team,” he says. “Day in, day out, I’m surrounded by people with whom I have established strong business and personal relationships, built over years of working together in other endeavors.”

Barton further advises upcoming entrepreneurs on the importance of making sacrifices on the road to success. “It would also help if you adopt the right mindset, find your talents and remain true to yourself,” he adds.

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