More ways to make your employees happy

Get organized

A daylong event to get work areas organized boosts morale and productivity. Lorena Prime, owner of Clearly Organized in Boston, says you can either bring in a professional organizer or put an organized employee in charge.  

Just relax

Carol Galle, president and CEO of Special D Events, makes life at her Royal Oak, Mich., meeting and event planning firm non-corporate by practicing “random acts of stress relief.” “Recently, a couple of employees and I sat on the front porch and lunched on sandwiches,” Galle recalls. Employees also enjoy a nontraditional working environment. “Our headquarters is a vintage home that offers wonderful perks such as a working fireplace and French doors,” Galle says. “Do not underestimate the value of windows that open!”  

Take a free ride

When Norma Armon’s communications company, International Contact, launched in Oakland, Calif., 27 years ago, there were no restaurants nearby, so the company provided employees healthy lunches. Now in a new location, International Contact gives its staff free public transit tickets. “We support good stewardship of the planet’s resources,” Armon explains. “Providing healthy food and public transportation is a small way of supporting good habits.”  

Be flexible

Victoria Staten, which makes “casual-luxe” baby gear, has liberal flextime policies allowing the three full-time and three part-time employees freedom for such things as taking a long lunch to visit a friend, a random day off or a few hours in the middle of the day to exercise. “Creating an environment that supports an individual’s choice as to how they want to work and live their life is by far the most important benefit that any company can offer,” Staten says. “Happy employees sell more because they go the extra mile, and cost less because they are more productive.”  

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