Make Your Company Happier and Healthier

Make Your Company Happier and Healthier

Studies have repeatedly shown that happy people are also healthier people, and a study based on current U.S. Census data revealed that healthy people are 20 percent happier, too. The small changes I  made at my business-networking company improved productivity, staff engagement and contentment, as well as customer service. Here are low- and no-cost ways to increase productivity, positivity and profits at your company:

1. Eliminate sodas from the break room and offer organic herbal teas instead.

2. Start a walking club during lunch. Walking even 30 minutes per day has a positive impact on heart health and mental well-being.

3. Coach managers to offer healthy foods at staff functions. Suggest fruit, vegetables, nuts, and low-calorie salads and soups instead of doughnuts, bagels, sandwiches and chips.

4. Start a fitness competition with a trophy, prize or other incentive (such as a day off). Through fitness meters such as the Nike+ FuelBand and Jawbone UP, your staff can track their standings on a leaderboard.

Find out six more easy ways to promote employee health and wellness.


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