Lori Greiner on Being a Hero Not a Zero

Meet Lori Greiner, “the warm-blooded shark” on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. A prolific inventor of retail products, Greiner built her empire from the ground up through old-fashioned elbow grease and willpower. “I never really set out to be an entrepreneur. I just was always thinking of ideas,” she says. Today she has created over 450 products and her own show on QVC. Greiner spreads her knowledge by investing in entrepreneurs whom she sees as potential heroes.

This interview appears on the SUCCESS Talks Collection February 2016 edition.



  • How Lori Greiner overcame the most challenging part of entrepreneurship that we all face
  • Focus on one product or branch out wide? Why developing many new products often is Greiner’s strategy
  • Greiner reveals the surprisingly addictive part of product invention
  • Why the Shark investor wakes up happy and charged up to go
  • Why you shouldn’t fall in love with your own product and how to pivot when it’s not working
  • Hear Greiner’s 3 indicators that a potential product can be a success: Is it something people need or want? Does it appeal to a broad audience? Can it be made at an affordable price?


Favorite Quote From This Episode:

“I can instantly tell if a product is going to be a hero or a zero.” — Lori Greiner


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