Leaders of Tomorrow

The SUCCESS Foundation,
created by SUCCESS
magazine’s owner Stuart
Johnson, provides personal-development
material to teens as a means of teaching life
lessons on discipline, decision-making and accepting
The foundation’s primary objective has
been distributing its SUCCESS for Teens™ book, as well
as an abridged audio version in CD and MP3 formats,
to help inform young people about the importance
of principles such as goal-setting and maintaining a
positive attitude and high self-esteem.

Several teens spoke about how the book has affected
them. “I have learned the negative and positive effects
of forming good or bad habits,” said Comina Solis, 17,
of Dallas, who aspires to be a pediatric nurse. Before reading
the book, she had a bad habit of not studying. “But I made the
decision to study, and I took a test and did well. My friends were
surprised because they knew I never used to study,” Solis told
the audience at the SUCCESS Foundation launch.

SUCCESS for Teens shows it’s just these
of small daily actions—like studying
for a
test and doing well—that can make a
difference over time, creating positive habits
that contribute to a successful life.

The SUCCESS Foundation plans to
distribute 10 million copies of SUCCESS
for Teens
free of charge to nonprofit youth-development
organizations, schools and
church groups. In about five months prior
to the official foundation launch, more than
750,000 copies of SUCCESS for Teens had
distributed in print and audio.

“SUCCESS for Teens focuses on the
principles that are fundamental to success,”
says John Fleming, executive director of the nonprofit. “Through
this foundation, we hope to inspire kids to treat education seriously,
to treat their futures seriously and to realize that their day-to-day
decisions have an impact on what they do in life.”

These resources are based on author Jeff Olson’s book The Slight
®, which demonstrates how small daily positive choices add
up to create a significant difference over time. A SUCCESS for Teens
Facilitator’s Guide
is also available.

The SUCCESS Foundation has enlisted support and assistance
from a broad cross-section of very successful people,
including Donald J. Trump and best-selling author and
speaker Stedman Graham, who also serve on the foundation’s
advisory board.

“Personal development
was a very influential factor
in my growth at a young
age,” Trump tells SUCCESS,
“so I understand the impact
that positive reinforcement
has on the young mind. I’m
happy to lend my support to
charitable organizations like
the SUCCESS Foundation
that make a difference on the
next generation of leaders.”

Graham, who spoke at the
foundation’s celebration, says
his interest in helping young
people stems from the many
mentors he had as he was
growing up, participating in
Boy Scouts, church, school
band and sports. “When I was
growing up, there were older
people in the community
who took their time to spend time with us
young people. That’s what I was taught,”
says Graham, author of the best-seller Teens
Can Make It Happen
. “You are here because
somebody helped you.”

Fleming says SUCCESS for Teens also can be a
mentor to young people today. “The principles and values often
associated with what we refer to as personal development are not
typically taught in the traditional educational system,” Fleming
says. “This book can make a difference. It can say what a teacher
may not be able to say or what a parent might not be able to
articulate. You never know what a book or audio can mean to
the reader or listener.

“We do not suggest that we have the complete answers to all of
the challenges our youth are facing,” Fleming says, “but we know
this material and our program can be an excellent complement to
other great programs focused on our youth—who are in many ways
our most important asset, as they represent our future!”

You also can help the SUCCESS Foundation get these life-changing
personal-development materials in the hands of teens.
Find out how by visiting SUCCESSFoundation.org. All donations
support the foundation’s ability to make its materials and programs
available free of charge to nonprofit organizations.


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