Landon Hall: The Beat of a Better Future


PUBLISHED: March 5, 2024
Landon Hall, white man with short haircut in black leather jacket

Music has the capacity to ignite emotions and touch people across generations and cultures—a power that Landon Hall has been intimately aware of since he was young. The musician, actor, drummer, songwriter and entrepreneur recalls being obsessed with rhythm from the age of 3 when he started playing on pots and pans. Hall later received his first drum set on his 9th birthday, propelling him into an exciting journey of self-discovery and musical exploration.

By the age of 11, the Overland Park, Kansas, native was already performing drums for a local megachurch, setting the stage for his future musical career. Hall’s commitment to music didn’t stop at the drums though. He learned to play the guitar, piano and bass—demonstrating a knack for mastering multiple instruments—and forayed into songwriting when he composed his first song at the age of 18.

How to become a world-class drummer

Though drumming may be overlooked and considered easy, Hall says it is not. One of the key reasons he enjoys drumming is because of the drummer’s role as the band’s backbone. Hall believes the drummer’s sole duty is to maintain the beat that all the other members of the band and the entire performance system rely on. A drummer who performs out of rhythm destroys the entire melody, but a great drummer can fix others and lead them back to the right rhythm. Hall adds that the drummer lays the foundation, provides the music’s pulse and brings the groove to the track, freeing the rest of the band to express themselves artistically.

Becoming an exceptional drummer requires multiple skills, including a firm grasp of technique. However, if a person doesn’t know how to hold the sticks or make them bounce, they’ll have difficulty getting a good sound out of any drums, according to Hall.

The musician says that apart from physical coordination and technical skills, drummers need to develop a certain mentality to be successful at the craft. Qualities like dedication, discipline, creativity and flexibility are crucial.

Hall’s career and entrepreneurial ventures

As a musician, Hall has made his mark on the industry and gained global recognition through his ability to adapt to a diverse range of music genres, including pop, rock and country. He has shared about working with celebrated figures such as Bon Jovi, Desmond Child, Aerosmith, Katey Sagal, Chad Smith and Anthony De La Torre. Hall has also built a career in entertainment with appearances on networks such as Nickelodeon, CBS, Lifetime, ABC, HBO and Netflix.

Hall’s prolific career has also allowed him to identify new opportunities within the music industry and pursue entrepreneurship. In 2013, he established Diemond Star, a company devoted to manufacturing high-quality drumsticks and accessories. Hall says its flagship product—shock-absorbing drumsticks crafted from American hickory wood—is a gamechanger for the industry.

The entrepreneur also launched the Music City Drum Show, an annual event that brings together the drumming community in Nashville, Tennessee. The show features exhibitions and shows, providing enthusiasts with access to an array of drumming equipment from universal brands.

A vision for the future

Hall feels his voyage through the world of music and entrepreneurship speaks to his enthusiasm and devotion. He envisions a brighter future in music for not only himself but also others as he continues to perform, craft exceptional drumming accessories through Diemond Star and unite the drumming community at the Music City Drum Show.

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