Just Do It: E-Learning Video Libraries

E-learning is the future of all business. Yes, even yours.

Why? Because you and your organization don’t have time to answer the same questions and solve the same problems over and over. Worse, if you have to personally swoop in to solve employee problems and supply boilerplate information, then you become a bottleneck.

I saw this bottleneck phenomenon in action at a consulting firm. The CEO was in his office fiddling with a new cellphone. He was personally setting it up for their newest employee… because he set up each new employee’s cellphone himself. The CEO! He gets paid $500 per hour for consulting, but he’s off in the corner setting up a new phone. If he had just recorded a video—nothing fancy, a smartphone video would do—as he went through the process on one phone, voilà: All new employees could follow his lead, and the cellphone setup problem would have been solved forever. Clearly he doesn’t consult on time management.

That video (and others) belongs in the company’s e-learning video library. Recent hires would find instant answers to typical new-employee questions without going to a boss. And veteran employees would tap the video library to learn the thinking behind the company’s biggest sales and core company breakthroughs.

You and I both know what happens when you don’t have this type of e-learning resource: A new team member joins. He or she receives initial training. Next thing you know, this newbie is stuck on a challenge that is old-hat to you but brand-spanking-new to him or her. The staffer tries to solve it solo. Sometimes this works. Often it doesn’t. Now the company’s small problem has ballooned into a big misstep, and the company owner, an executive or a senior employee has to jump in to help.

Businesses can’t waste time this way because the competition is moving too fast. That new employee needs to click play on a video and find the answer while the customer is still on the phone.

So what videos should you make and place in a folder on each employee’s computer desktop? These three work best for e-learning that drives business growth:

Jump-start videos. List the 20 most common questions that new hires ask during their first 30 days. Make a video answering each question—your video version of FAQs for new employees. This video library will save you hours of answering the same questions year after year.

Expert videos. Who at your company has a gift for sales, cold-calling or motivating the team? Video them in action and spread their gifts companywide.

Talent-development videos. Identify the five core skills you want your leaders to have. Make a video of someone within your company showing these skills in action—or video yourself teaching each one—as a talent-development program.

A decade or two ago, success was based on who you knew and what you knew. To be successful today, it’s more about how fast you can find the right answer and spread that insight across your company.

Trust me. Creating an e-learning video library works. I know, because we have one at my company.

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Jessica Krampe is the digital managing editor for SUCCESS.com. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Jessica has worked for news, entertainment, business and lifestyle publications. Outside of the daily grind, she enjoys happy hours, live music and traveling.

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