Jay Jay: From YouTube Fame to Building Personal Brands Across the Globe


PUBLISHED: October 31, 2022
Jay Jay: From YouTube Fame to Building Personal Brands Across the Globe

Social media is an undeniable force in the world—and it continues to grow. Instagram, TikTok and BeReal are platforms that allow people to share their every move with others throughout the world. While some people use these platforms to share funny cat videos or photos with friends, others are using these platforms to build massive brands and make a profit in the process. Jay Jay of Ace of Spades Agency has leveraged social media to build the life of his dreams. Starting with just a few magic tricks and a couple followers, the entrepreneur amassed more than 57 million views on YouTube and captured the world’s attention.

Jay Jay has combined his promotional skills, a strong understanding of business and his genuine love of helping people win to build a PR agency with clients all around the world. While part of his success is due to his charisma, he credits his attitude on business, his authenticity with clients and his work ethic across the board. 


Over the course of his career as a highly successful magician and internet star, Jay Jay garnered more than 57 million views on YouTube. According to Jay Jay, the key to success was less about the skill of his hands and more about his mind. 

“Attitude is everything,” he says. “The way you handle how things are thrown at you is so crucial.” Now, as he runs his agency, attitude is at the core of everything he does. “I can give people tactics and strategies, but at the end of the day, the biggest thing I do is give people belief,” he says. “Belief to build their brand and achieve their dreams.”

While success is alluring, there is also the dark side of it, especially as an entrepreneur. “Life is not always perfect, but even when I found myself in dark places, I knew I had to focus on what I could control–my time and my energy,” Jay Jay says. With long hours, strained relationships, and constant pressure to perform, having a positive attitude is crucial to finding long-term success. Currently, Jay Jay is known across the country for his positive attitude and helping others build the proper attitude to build a powerful personal brand.


Although Jay has only run his PR agency for a few years, his motivating factor has always been people. Whether performing on stage with thousands in the audience or performing a street trick with a few strangers on a street corner, he found himself energized by interacting with others. His ability to connect with people isn’t a coincidence. In fact, he credits his natural ability to capturing people’s attention to a special skill. “I just focus on being myself,” he says.  Yes, you can take courses on stage presentation and speaking skills, but your X-factor will always be you and the honesty around it. “People connect to authenticity,” Jay Jay adds. “It’s not always about being the best at what you do, it’s about being the most authentic. That’s what attracts people to you long term.” 

For Jay Jay, it’s all in the word personal brand. The more that you learn to highlight your unique characteristics with the world, the more success you will find. In a world of copycats, false experts, and straight out liars, Jay Jay believes that his ability to be himself and promote himself is his best marketing tool, no matter what happens with the market.

Work ethic

Jay does not believe in the phrase “overnight success.” If anything, he believes in “through the night success.” When he first started out, Jay Jay had zero subscribers on YouTube. Now, he has a combined audience of nearly 2 million followers across his social media platforms. It’s easy to write this off as luck or generational talent, but Jay Jay wants people to understand that’s not the case. 

“People see the followers, the likes and the success, but they don’t see the countless hours I worked through the night editing content, traveling and doing shows,” he says. “My success only came after years of committing for seven days a week.” 

He now puts this work ethic into helping his clients build their online presence. “I’m not married and I don’t have a family. I am dedicated to building my business and helping my clients reach their goals,” Jay Jay says. No matter what your business is, Jay Jay sees work ethic as the key to success. Talent and natural ability is only part of the equation. Social media and the internet are powerful tools, but they don’t just reward talent—they reward consistency. If you want to build a powerful personal brand and start leveraging social media for your business, you have to be consistent every day. 

As Jay Jay continues to help people build their personal brand, he is equally committed to preparing them for success. As an entrepreneur, a speaker and a personal brand consultant, he is fully committed to leading his clients to success by helping them build a brand that stands out from the rest of the world. 

From being an online personality through street magic to advising people and companies around the globe on how to promote by using their personal brands, Jay Jay has taken skills, abilities and passions and pursued careers in each. Being a passionate entrepreneur sets one person apart from the rest, and Jay Jay is one of a kind. If you are interested in learning more about Jay Jay’s story as well as how to work with him, check out his Instagram, his Ace of Spades Agency website, and his speaker site

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