Introducing Kindra Hall as the Chief Storytelling Officer for SUCCESS Magazine

Kindra Hall Chief Storytelling Officer SUCCESS Magazine

Hi there!

It was a Thursday afternoon in mid-April when I received a phone call. 

You see, I had recently come to terms with the reality that life as I knew it wasn’t going to be “getting back to normal” any time soon and I needed to start thinking about how best to navigate the strange times ahead.  Does that sound familiar?

For me,  I’ve spent the last several years of my career as an author and thought leader speaking on stages to audiences of thousands. 

But the stages are dark now, and audiences can’t gather.  So, where do I go from here? 

The Wednesday night before the call, I had stayed up late asking myself, the universe, and my sleeping husband, Michael, “Who do I BECOME during this time?”

I went to sleep without an answer, but the next day, the call came in. 

It is often during the most unexpected of times that an opportunity shines through. That is exactly what this phone call from the team at SUCCESS was for me. 

I am SO excited to introduce myself to you as the Chief Storytelling Officer of SUCCESS magazine!

Like many of you, I have been a long time reader and learner of SUCCESS, and I am so honored to play a major role in spreading the SUCCESS message and sharing more stories with you. 

I know the best lessons of success are taught through the stories of those that came before us. You will be seeing and hearing more from me as I share the stories of past and present entrepreneurs. Together we will dig into the strategies that helped these people achieve their highest level of success. We will learn how to navigate these unprecedented times and discover who we are to become now. 

Your success story is being written right now. And as the Chief Storytelling Officer, I’m here to help you write it. 

To Your Success Story,

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Kindra Hall is a sought-after speaker, author and the president of Steller Collective, a marketing agency focused on the power of storytelling to overcome communication challenges.

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