If You Want to Live More, You’ve Got to Do Less

“Every one of us has something that I like to call destination procrastination,” says Chalene Johnson, best-selling author, motivational speaker and founder of the SmartLife movement. Take laundry, for example. It’s a chore that just keeps growing, and growing, and growing. There’s never less of it. There’s always more. And you think if you could just get your life organized, you could do more, you could handle more. “We’re all trying to figure out, How can I do less in more time?” Johnson tells the crowd at SUCCESS Live Long Beach. “But what if we’ve been going about it the wrong way?”

The question is this: Are you someone who has stressed success, or someone who has smart success? Is your worst fear that if you gave someone something that you believed only you could do, that they wouldn’t do it as well? It was for her. And when she realized this and started letting go, “the bigger and more profound my freedom became, and I started to get healthy.”

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If You Want to Live More, You’ve Got to Do Less

“If you want to live more, if you want to feel, if you want to be present, if you want to do the things that make you happy, you’ve got to do less.” —Chalene Johnson

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Running time: 25:00

Filmed September 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Long Beach

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