Need to crank up your creativity? Test these five tactics, which have worked well for some big-time achievers:

DOODLING: Bill Gates is a scribbler, as are/were four 20th-century presidents: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy. “It’s a good way to germinate ideas,” Deb Douglas, an assistant professor of art history at St. Louis University, told the Associated Press recently.

NAPPING: Clinton likes an afternoon snooze, as did fellow doodlers Kennedy, Johnson and Reagan.

SHOWERING: “I don’t know what it is about the shower that generates creative thoughts,” singer-songwriter-musician Lyle Lovett told Esquire this year, but he guessed it might be the hot water or the lack of encumbrance.

WALKING: Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, liked to talk while walking, even while he was recovering from a liver transplant.

MEDITATING: Practitioners among business leaders include Ford Motor Co. executive Bill Ford and Def Jam Recordings’ founder Russell Simmons, who has called it “my connection to the universe.”


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