106: Advanced Lessons for Scaling Your Side Hustle, With Rick Mulready




Welcome back to the Hustle From Home podcast! In this sixth episode, our hosts, Josh Ellis and Amy Anderson, talk to Rick Mulready, the host of The Art of Online Business podcast. Rick has built a seven-figure business as an online expert and course creator from the ground up using Facebook and Instagram ads, and he shows other online experts how to do the same without getting sucked into guessing games or overwhelm.

In today’s episode, we’re tackling this big question: How do we scale? Rick joins us to talk about finding your right customer, reaching people and connecting with them, so that you get the results you want. The advice we cover will help you grow quicker and scale quicker.

“If you don’t have the right mindset as a foundation to your business, the business is only going to go so far,” Rick says. “When you play small, you are not helping the people that you are there to help…. Play like you’ve already won in the business—like your success is inevitable. And when you have that mindset shift, you start making decisions very differently in your business.”

A few things you’ll hear in this episode are:

  • Why mindset is so important to the success of an entrepreneur’s business, and the difference between the mindsets of people who think bigger and the ones that hold people back
  • How to find the right customer for your business and understand what they want
  • When to get help in certain areas of your business so you can scale
  • What makes a good Facebook ad, and what calls to action are working right now


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