How to Stay on Top Of Your Game, According to Real Estate Entrepreneur Reno Davis


PUBLISHED: December 6, 2022
How to Stay on Top Of Your Game, According to Real Estate Entrepreneur Reno Davis

Winning in business is just the first step in the school of success; then comes the hard part: staying on top. This is one of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face in business. They struggle to sustain their winning streak after hitting an initial high in their business.

That is why there are a lot of grace-to-grass stories among entrepreneurs; they can’t keep up and maintain a high level of success once they attain it. You want to stay at the top when you get to the top.

For successful real estate entrepreneur and fashion entrepreneur Reno Davis, it’s about the attitude. The secret is in how you project yourself before your audience and clients.

In a recent chat, Davis identifies why some entrepreneurs may not enjoy lasting business success. It’s a matter of having the right mindset, he says. With the right attitude and hard work, everything tends to align.

Davis, a seven-figure-earner, also attributes his success to his unique outlook on life and his professional approach to business. If you want to go far and cut the right impression with your clients, he says, you have to have this at the back of your mind. Your poise and gait should always be on point.

He isn’t shy to spend money to take care of his appearance. To reward himself for his hard work, he spends thousands of dollars on designer outfits, cars and fashion accessories. But it’s not merely to show off. To be successful, you have to look the part. So he considers money spent on expensive items a necessary part of the business brand he’s working to project.

“What sets me apart is my look and the way I carry myself,” Davis says.

No matter the price, Davis is ready to put the money down if it resonates with his personality and mindset. That is why many who have met the 22-year-old entrepreneur are surprised by his celebrity-like persona.

But there’s more to Davis than his fashion sense and taste for quality. He paid his dues to society when he started from humble beginnings. Things weren’t always rosy.

There were days when he had to drive around town looking for clients and trying to secure his first real estate deal, and many nights when he had to sacrifice time to study how the industry worked. That was before he set up his business and had a partner.

Before that, he worked as a landscaper earning $20 per hour. Now, his wholesale real estate deals earn him a minimum of $10,000.

But he couldn’t have done it alone. Aside from keeping the right mindset, Davis says another reason for his success is the partnership he’s forged. He believes networking is essential. Entrepreneurs looking to succeed in business and stay at the top must pay attention to networking, finding mentors and studying relevant material in their industry.

Personal development and improvement are ongoing; you don’t get to a point where you sit back and say, “Oh, I think I know everything now.”

When he was new in real estate, Davis had to read up on many online courses and went through YouTube videos that taught him how to succeed in real estate. Davis still looks up and studies what’s happening in the market.

“What separates success from failure is your determination and willingness to work,” Davis says. “Regardless of where you find yourself as an entrepreneur, you’ll always find a way around things and achieve success if you demonstrate grit and persistence.”

In essence, succeeding in business requires a deliberate, calculated effort. You must make conscious efforts and take steps toward achieving your goals.

“I bought courses from people who’ve done it before,” he says. “At the end of the course, they left their contact information, so I would contact them.”

Before the fancy cars and designer outfits, there were days of plain hustling, but many people don’t see that.

“I put all my time and energy,” he says. Today, Davis has built a reputation in the industry as a highly fashionable entrepreneur with a sense of winning. No doubt there are many things Davis has lined up in his future, projects he’d likely undertake sooner than later.

Amongst many, Davis is looking at starting a fashion line named “Reno.” His wardrobe collection features an array of designer clothes, sunglasses and shoes from notable labels, from Johnny Dang’s blings and ice to Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Louboutin, Prada and more.

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