How to Multiply Your Success: The Compound Effect—Revealed!

Today is the birthday of The Compound Effect—Multiplying Your Success. One Simple Step at a Time! Through all the labor pains I’ve endured while creating this book, today is the day!

As a man, I think this is as close as I can ever get to gestating, worrying about and carrying the burden of nurturing a child for nine-plus months, and then, finally (and not without pain), give birth to this thing you have worked so hard to develop and care for. Today is the day! Whew!

Below I am including a free view of the book‘s  introduction. I think you will find value in it alone and that it will give you an idea of what you can gain by having your own copy of the book. You’ll also find a video intro, success quiz and more info.

Amazing. Movies: I have always found it amazing that you can own the product of someone’s $200 million investment into a production (Avatar, for example), and thousands of people’s years of work for less than $20. Even more incredible to me is the chance to own the best ideas, strategies and advice, proven by someone’s life experience and condensed into a written book, also for less than $20. Now, I know how much blood, sweat, tears, pain, suffering, heart and soul goes into getting it just right–I think books should cost $1,000 each! But now, I am biased, of course. My new book, too, is less than $20. Crazy, I know!

As my mentor, Jim Rohn, said (whom, along with my dad, this book is dedicated to), “This is your chance to turn pennies into fortunes. If you feed the body and not the mind, you will settle for pennies and not fortunes. If you can feed your mind, you can feed your life and your family forever.”

I can promise you this, though: The ideas presented inside The Compound Effect are worth hundreds of times more than what it will cost you to obtain them. Oh, and I also HIGHLY recommend getting the audio program that goes with it—I am especially excited about that! In it I share additional ideas (not in the book) given to me by Richard Branson, Donald Trump, John Wooden, Cal Ripken Jr., Jillian Michaels, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Donny Deutsch… and many more! The audio program really brings the ideas in the book alive. I think you will love it!

The Compound Effect—The Introduction

This book is about success and what it really takes to earn it. It’s time someone told it to you straight. You’ve been bamboozled for too long. There is no magic bullet, secret formula, or quick fix. You don’t make $200,000 a year spending two hours a day on the Internet, lose 30 pounds in a week, rub 20 years off your face with a cream, fix your love life with a pill, or find lasting success with any other scheme that is too good to be true. It would be great if you could buy your success, fame, self-esteem, good relationships, and health and well-being in a nicely clam-shelled package at the local Wal-Mart. But, that’s not how it works.

We are constantly bombarded with increasingly sensational claims to get rich, get fit, get younger, get sexier… all overnight with little effort for only three easy payments of $39.95. These repetitive marketing messages have distorted our sense of what it really takes to succeed. We’ve lost sight of the simple but profound fundamentals of what it takes to be successful.

I’m tired of it. I won’t sit back and watch these reckless messages derail people any longer. I wrote this book to take you back to basics. I’m going to help you clear the clutter and bring focus to the core fundamentals that matter. You can immediately implement in your life the exercises and time-tested success principles this book contains to produce measurable and sustainable results. I’m going to teach you to harness the power of the Compound Effect, the operating system that has been running your life, for better or worse. Use this system to your advantage and you truly can revolutionize your life.

You have heard you can achieve anything you set your mind to, right? Well, only if you know how. The Compound Effect is the operator’s manual that teaches you how to master the system. When you do, there is nothing you can’t obtain or achieve.

“Darren Hardy has written a new bible for the self-improvement space. If you are looking for the real deal—a real program, with real tools that can change your life and make your dreams a reality—The Compound Effect is it!” — David Bach, author of eight New York Times best-sellers

How do I know that the Compound Effect is the only process you need for ultimate success? Firstly, I have applied these principles to my own life. Now I hate it when authors beat their chests about their fame and fortune, but it’s important you know I speak from personal experience—I’m offering you living proof, not regurgitated theory. As Anthony Robbins mentioned (he does the foreward for the book), I’ve enjoyed significant success in my business endeavors because I’ve made it a point to live by the principles you’ll read in this book. For the past 20 years I’ve been intensely studying success and human achievement. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing thousands of different ideas, resources, and philosophies. My personal experience has proven that, no matter what you learn or what strategy or tactic you employ, success comes as the result of the operating system of the Compound Effect.

Secondly, for the past sixteen years I have been a leader in the personal development industry. I’ve worked with respected thought leaders, speakers and authors. As a speaker and consultant, I’ve trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. I’ve mentored business leaders, corporate executives and countless high-achievers. From thousands of case studies I have extracted what works—and what doesn’t.

Thirdly, as publisher of SUCCESS magazine, I sift through thousands of article submissions and books, help choose the experts we feature in the magazine, and review all of their material. Each month I interview a half-dozen top experts on a multitude of success topics and drill down to their best ideas. All day, every day, I am consuming, sorting, filtering, and wading through an ocean of personal-achievement information.

Here’s my point. When you have such an exhaustive view of this industry, and wisdom gained through studying the teachings and best practices of some the world’s most successful people, an amazing clarity emerges—the underlying fundamental truths become crystal clear. Having seen it, read it, and heard most all of it, I can no longer be fooled by the latest gambit or self-proclaimed prophet with the newest “scientific breakthrough.” Nobody can sell me on gimmicks. I have too many reference points. I’ve gone down too many roads and learned the truth the hard way. As my mentor, the great business philosopher Jim Rohn, said, “There are no new fundamentals. Truth is not new; it’s old. You’ve got to be a little suspicious of the guy who says, ‘Come over here, I want to show you my manufactured antiques!’ No, you can’t manufacture antiques.”

“Darren Hardy is in a unique position to aggregate the brainpower of the most successful people in the world and boil it down to what really matters. Simple, direct, and to the point—these are the principles that have guided my life and every top business leader I know. This book will show you the way to your own greater success, happiness, and fulfillment.” —Donny Deutsch, television host and chairman of Deutsch, Inc.

What this book is about, with all the unnecessary noise, fat, and fluff removed, is what really matters. What really works? What half-dozen basics, when focused on and mastered, constitute the operating system that can take you to any goal you desire and help you live the life you were meant to live? This book contains those half-dozen fundamentals; they comprise the operating system called the Compound Effect.

Before we dig in, I have one warning: Earning success is hard. The process is laborious, tedious, sometimes even boring. Becoming wealthy, influential, and world-class in your field is slow and arduous. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll see results in your life from following these steps almost immediately. But if you have an aversion to work, discipline, and commitment, you’re welcome to turn the TV back on and put your hope in the next infomercial—the one touting promises of overnight success, if you have access to a major credit card.

Here’s the bottom line: You already know all that you need to succeed. You don’t need to learn anything more. If all we needed was more information, everyone with an Internet connection would live in a mansion, have abs of steel, and be blissfully happy. New or more information is not what you need—a new plan of action is. It’s time to create new behaviors and habits that are oriented away from sabotage and toward success. It’s that simple.

“The Compound Effect will help you beat the competition, rise above your
challenges, and create the life you deserve!”
— T. Harv Eker, author of the No. 1 New York Times best-seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

You’re about to discover a detailed, tangible plan of action. Let it shake up your expectations, eliminate your assumptions, ignite your curiosity, and bring value to your life—starting right now.

This book and the tools I’ve provided (free tools inside) to support you offer the best of everything I’ve heard, seen, studied, and tried. It’s the best of what we bring you every month in SUCCESS magazine, all in one life-changing little book. And it is simple!

Let’s get started!

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Darren Hardy is the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven Formula for Achieving Big Goals.

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