How to Improve Office Relations Today

Gay and Katie Hendricks, husband-and-wife-wife founders of the California-based Hendricks Institute, believe healthy working relationships in the office are the most important indicator of a company’s success.

Backstabbers, micromanagers, naysayers and Debbie Downers are just some of the damaging behaviors that can wreck your company’s “operational integrity.”

Here are four pillars of positive behavior in the workplace:

Pillar 1 | Emotional Literacy:

Emotional literate people understand their own feelings. Characteristics of these individuals: identify the true source of their feelings; be able to talk about their feelings; work through their feelings rather than drown them out. Doing so will keep them from blowing up at a colleague, boss or employee.

Pillar 2 | Impeccable Agreements:

People who operate within healthy workplaces keep their agreements. To be this type of person: Keep agreements you want to make; don’t make agreements you can’t keep; know when agreements need to be altered and communicate that appropriately.

Pillar 3 | Authentic Speaking & Resonant Listening:

This pillar of integrity emphasizes speaking truthfully and honestly listening. To do this, speak accurately in a way that does not blame anyone; take responsibility for your communication until the other party understands; speak truth; listen in a way that includes empathy and invites mutual creativity; reveal rather than conceal.

Pillar 4 | Healthy Responsibility:

As a good team player, learning to take healthy responsibility for your actions is important. Learn to take 100 percent responsibility for your work reliably; shift from defensiveness to learning; promote and inspire responsibility in others.

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