How to Deal With Failure

To a lot of people, failure is a forbidden word—it’s just not an option. But, really, you can’t have success without it.

That’s what Bryan Elliott talks to YouTube personality Matthew Santoro about in this episode of Behind the Brand—the F word and how people get stuck on it.

“You can"t be afraid to fail at something, because that’s how you make a breakthrough,” Santoro says. “You try something that doesn’t work, try the next thing, try the next thing. And don’t get discouraged—just realize that’s part of the process.”

His advice? Don’t think about mistakes as failures; think about them as life lessons. Don"t regret anything. Learn from everything.

“Everything is about learning—if something bad happens… learn from that. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just don’t do it again. Learn from it and grow as a person.”

Watch to see the lessons Santoro has learned on his way to YouTube stardom—and how you can apply them to your own success journey.

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