How to Create a Great Marketing Video

When I worked with bestselling author Tim Ferris, we devised a set of marketing videos to discuss his latest book, The 4-Hour Body. I wrote 10 frequently asked questions and 10 "should-be-asked" questions to interview Tim. I call this a 10 x 10 x 4 system to increase web traffic, generate leads and make sales. Here are the two sets of 10 questions to answer to make a great marketing video:

10 Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Four Hour Body, who is it for and what inspired you to create it?

2. How does the Four Hour Body work and how can people take advantage of it?

3. What are 3 roadblocks or objections that would prevent skeptics from giving the Four Hour Body a fair try?

4. What are the biggest MYTHS about weight loss you can share?

5. You gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days. How did you do that without steroids or dangerous supplements?

6. What’s the fastest way to gain muscle?

7. What’s the #1 tip and formula for getting a perfect night’s sleep?

8. What are the best supplements someone can or should take to lose weight and become healthier?

9. What advice do you give to someone about how do you stay motivated in losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming healthier?

10. What’s the fastest way to lose 20 pounds of fat with the least amount of effort whether you’re a man or a woman?


10 Should-Be-Asked Questions

1. What is ONE question that you haven’t been asked but always wanted to answer from the moment you wrote the Four Hour Body?

2. What should everyone know about life extension that they don’t ask about?

3. What’s the most important tip you can pass along to someone who’s trying to figure out “where to begin”?

4. You have a whole chapter devoted to increasing (in your case, tripling) testosterone. Why is this important and what can men do about it?

5. You installed a glucose monitoring IMPLANT in your belly to monitor your blood sugar levels. Why did you do that?

6. On page 36, you mention one of the most popular questions you get is “how do you get rid of abdominal fat” – the pursuit of the six-pack abs and when you give folks the specific formula, there’s a 0% success rate of implementation – why?

7. You’ve found what seems to be a primary cause of decreased sperm count. What’s this all about and what can we do to prevent this?

8. One of your most controversial chapters is called “The 15 Minute Female Orgasm.” What is this and why did you include it in your book?

9. You’ve got a chapter devoted to “Permanent Injury Reversal” – how is this possible and is it real?

10. You went from running 5 km to 50 km in 12 weeks and what’s the biggest lesson or takeaway you learned that anyone who reads your book will learn about endurance?

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