How Ross Johnson Is Changing Education With Online Coaching


PUBLISHED: January 18, 2024
Ross Johnson co-founder of Smart Coach

In today’s world, information has become a readily available commodity to virtually anyone, thanks to the internet. The landscape of education is also undergoing a profound transformation as online learning takes over traditional approaches. Public schools and universities, which offer general education, are being overlooked in favor of specialized online programs focused on practical knowledge and results. This reflects a shift from simply learning information to gaining hands-on experience.

Ross Johnson—the 31-year-old entrepreneur and co-founder of Smart Coach, a coaching business that helps people build businesses around topics they love—emphasizes that information alone is not enough. According to him, for individuals to translate knowledge into tangible results, they need three key elements:

  1. Information: knowledge on the specific topic they are learning
  2. Mentorship: guidance and support to navigate challenges and obstacles
  3. Experience: opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios

Traditional education systems and platforms like YouTube primarily focus on providing information. They fall short when it comes to delivering mentorship and practical application, Johnson says. This gap is where the coaching industry comes into play, bridging the divide and enhancing the overall learning experience.

Johnson’s vision of decentralized education

Johnson envisions the future of education as decentralized, where individuals learn directly from other individuals rather than institutions. This shift aligns with the increasing availability of online courses, coaching programs and mentorship opportunities. While platforms like YouTube have paved the way for decentralized learning by making information readily available, Johnson feels they lack the necessary support to ensure effective implementation.

Johnson aims to be at the forefront of this educational transformation through his company Smart Coach, which equips individuals with the tools they need to transform their skill sets or knowledge into thriving businesses. He is also one of the brains behind MemberUp, a complementary platform that offers creators a one-stop solution for hosting their online courses, community and events.

These businesses emphasize the importance of mentorship and experiential learning, filling the void left by traditional education models and information-based platforms. By facilitating mentorship and real-world application of knowledge, Smart Coach and MemberUp cater to the holistic development of individuals, enabling them to translate information into action and results.

Johnson says Smart Coach is driven by a mission to reinvent the education system at its core. He and his team firmly believe that traditional education is in need of an overhaul. They envision a future where millions of micro-educators, equipped with practical experience and specialized knowledge, can share their expertise with learners worldwide.

By recognizing the importance of mentorship and practical experience alongside information, Johnson is helping learners translate knowledge into meaningful action and results. The decentralized education model he envisions has the potential to revolutionize how people learn and grow, making doers the new experts and ensuring that experience trumps mere information. Through Smart Coach and MemberUp, Johnson is on a mission to empower both learners and educators, bridging the gap between knowledge and its practical application in the digital age.

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