How REV3AL CEO Mo Kumarsi Rebounded from Financial Losses to Launch a Cybersecurity Company


PUBLISHED: January 24, 2024
REV3AL CEO Mo Kumarsi

Mo Kumarsi, the CEO and co-founder of Web3 security firm REV3AL, recalls many being skeptical of his mission to make the virtual worlds and digital assets of the future fraud-free, given that the very point of blockchain is more privacy, security and transparency. But he says that after he started sharing his story of how he lost money to blockchain, NFT and crypto scams—and how he solved that problem so it never happens to anyone else—he began to see people believe he might be onto something.

Kumarsi claims he built REV3AL to prevent others from facing similar fates, which some say could be the final hurdle preventing mainstream adoption of Web3 platforms, technology and virtual ownership. With Web3 technology still in its youth, the landscape is like a Wild West-esque lawless frontier where Kumarsi aims to be the maverick.

Forecasting and preventing disaster

While Kumarsi’s early stumbles in crypto investing may have made him an unlikely candidate to solve its security issues, he believes those painful firsthand experiences also gave him insight into those challenges. For him, getting scammed out of his money actually ignited his drive to fix the system—and protect others—rather than turn away.

Out of the hard lessons he experienced, Kumarsi made it his mission to solve the problems of Web3 before mainstream users ever have to face them. He sees REV3AL as the raw output of his desire to turn pain into progress—built to remedy past mistakes and create a secure future of virtual ownership for all.

Equipped with an unstoppable drive to change the world, Kumarsi joined forces with his co-founder Adam “Bitdragon” Russell to put their focus on REV3AL’s technology before the brand. To accomplish this, the CEO assembled what he describes as the “Avengers”—a team of engineers, developers and support staff building the systems and infrastructure to make good on the vision of a secure future in Web3.

According to Kumarsi, REV3AL has developed a suite of technologies focused on verifying users, safeguarding digital assets and securing virtual interactions across Web3 and metaverse spaces. He says its vast but cohesive suite of products includes 3D spatial multi-factor authentication mechanisms, biometric technologies for avatar creation and tools allowing any platform to integrate fraud prevention and account security. Recognizing adoption takes time, Kumarsi has guided his team so that these products are designed with the intention of seamlessly plugging into Web2 technology and providing a streamlined integration for users and developers alike.

The future of cybersecurity

Kumarsi hopes that as people learn of his story and see REV3AL’s technology in action, his vision for fraud-free digital interactions will seem less far-fetched and more grounded in reality. He feels that under the direction of himself and Russell, the company has created the mechanisms of trust and accountability necessary to offer more peace of mind to users entering Web3 and address the security gaps holding back mass adoption of the industry’s technologies.

Not everyone gets an opportunity to turn failure into fuel for progress, but Kumarsi seized his—and, in so doing, created solutions that may enable others to avoid his mistakes. REV3AL strives to make the virtual worlds and digital assets of the future safer for all and create what they claim to be the first legitimate solutions to bring maturity to the Web3 space—just as Kumarsi first envisioned.

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