How Influencers Have Changed Marketing Forever

Social media has democratized marketing in a way that has never happened before, and people are starting to take notice. Once upon a time, you had to be rich and famous to get an advertising contract. Today anyone with a few social media accounts can grow their following and monetize their success.

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Social media influencers can be a final hope for companies as online ad revenues shrink because of ad blockers. But even the influencer is changing. Once celebrities who already had large social media followings would post sponsored content but not interact with their following. Today marketers find they are able to make a more significant impact with less money by going with nontraditional celebrity influencers who regularly interact with their followers. The audience tends to find the message more authentic when it comes from someone they perceive to be a “regular person.”

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This new fledgling industry is changing rapidly, so it pays to stay on top of current trends. Not only are companies looking for relationships with people who aren’t celebrities, but those influencers are also looking for better deals all the time. Contracts expire and loyalty tends to go with the highest paycheck. Learn more about the evolution of social media influencers from this new infographic below.

How Influencers Have Changed Marketing Forever


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