How Gloria Mayfield Banks Used Courage, Confidence, and Choices to Change Her Life

In this vivid talk about having what it takes, success strategist Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks draws on her experiences with domestic abuse and dyslexia to highlight the importance of personal development. She uses three words to describe her story of resilience: courage, confidence and choices.

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Everyone wants the “it” factor, but Banks says there’s more to it than simply getting it. To keep it, she stresses making courage a daily decision.

“Success is hidden in personal growth, and so first, you’ve got to get your best self…Then you become one who works with the leaders of other people,” she says. “So you have to know how to do it for yourself, [and] you have to learn how to do it for others.” —Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks

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Running time: 18:42

Filmed April 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Dallas

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