How Entrepreneur Sheila Johnson Leverages Relationships

A lifelong passion for fostering relationships and helping others has contributed to Sheila Johnson’s talent for connecting people to achieve great things. Here’s how she does it.


Since childhood, Johnson has taken the time to get to know people of all ages and all walks of life. She finds that people enrich her life, and she points out: “No one is ever above anyone else.”

Looking for needs and opportunities.

Johnson doesn’t simply sit on boards or lend her name to charitable causes; she pays attention, does her research and taps her own creativity to think of ways disparate groups can work together in mutually beneficial efforts.

Maintaining a competent and caring staff.

Johnson’s many activities could exhaust just about anyone. She relies on her staff to help keep all the balls in the air.

Setting priorities.

“I have tried to be everything to everyone, and you can get burned out very quickly. You have to set priorities, what’s most important in your life. My children and my husband [Arlington County Circuit Court Chief Judge William T. Newman] are the most important people, and they always come first.”

Giving back.

“You can’t be successful in your own business until you also learn to reach out to others.”



Read more about Sheila Johnson in this May 2011 feature The Connector: Entrepreneur, team owner, philanthropist and mother, Sheila Johnson has just one bottom line: connecting people to improve lives.



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