High & Dry: Save Your Wet Electronics

The Rice Trick: Place a cellphone in a bowl of uncooked grains for one to three days. The dry rice will draw the moisture out of your phone… if you’re lucky. Use a soft dry paintbrush to clear away any dust residue from the rice, replace the battery and say a prayer.

Silica Gel Packs: Yes, those little thingies that come tucked into a new pair of shoes are basically moisture-absorbers. But you’ll need a lot of them—enough to nearly fill a soup bowl. Think of silica gel packs as the ideal, but rice as the more practical option, because you might already have a bag of it in the house.

Kits: The $20 Dry-All Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit basically does the same thing as the rice and the silica gel packs, but using the company’s proprietary drying beads and an absorption chamber might make you feel more confident than rice will. Guaranteed to dry your phone in 48 hours! (But, uh, there’s no guarantee it’ll turn back on, so buyer beware.)

Hair Dryer: Are you kidding? You drowned your phone and now you’d like to cook it, too? No. Please don’t try this method. And don’t even mention the oven or the microwave.


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