He Started With an Idea, a Little Convincing and a Single Truck

Building a business centered on customer service is nothing new. But Corwin Smith, co-founder of Rocky Mountain Restoration in Gilbert, Arizona, walks the walk. And he has the numbers to talk the talk. Smith has experienced exponential growth and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers every year since opening the residential and commercial restoration company in 2009 while studying at Arizona State University.

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The Strongest LinkSmith says his philosophy isn’t groundbreaking; He simply believes in treating his clients the way he wants to be treated. “If you can do the extra 1 to 2 percent that makes a difference to clients, you will be successful,” he says. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a great company and have a big impact.”

Smith says his nontraditional hiring methods contribute to the company’s successful customer service. “In the initial screening process, we ask ourselves, Is this someone I see myself doing dinner or hanging out with after hours? We can always train skills, but we can’t train core values.”

Smith first heard about the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2009 while discussing the positive impact of Chet Holmes’ book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, with a fellow entrepreneur, who later invited him to an EO meeting where Holmes would be speaking. Smith joined EO the same day.

He has found both professional and personal support from the organization. When Smith’s mother unexpectedly died in early 2014, he reached out to his EO family for support. “What I didn’t understand when I joined the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is that it’s not just about building great companies; it’s also about building great lives and families.”

Smith’s company started with an idea, a little convincing and a single truck. Seven years, 14 trucks and many long nights later, Rocky Mountain continues to grow.

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This article appears in the April 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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