Happy at Home, Happy at Work

When your personal relationships are struggling, the stress can negatively affect every other area of your life. Author and board-certified psychotherapist Patty Ann Tublin offers these three strategies for mending the relationships that matter most.

Acknowledge that conflict exists. This sounds like common sense, but many times one partner will refuse to admit there is a problem. To move toward resolution, it is imperative for both parties to acknowledge that a specific conflict exists.

Communicate—despite conflict. Many people mistakenly think happy couples do not experience conflict within their relationships. Nonsense. All couples experience conflict. How conflict is handled determines the happiness and longevity of the relationship. Communication is an essential relationship tool that holds the key for healthy conflict resolution in your personal relationships as well as your business relationships.

Prioritize your relationship over the conflicts within your relationship. Make a conscious decision that whatever you and your partner are in conflict about is not more important than keeping your relationship together. You must decide your relationship is more important than being “right.”


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