GSI Exchange: 3 Reasons to Add Precious Metals To Your Investment Portfolio


PUBLISHED: November 11, 2022
GSI Exchange: 3 Reasons to Add Precious Metals To Your Investment Portfolio

In 2014, a group of industry veterans came together to form a company that would redefine investment. They offered more than 75 years of combined industry experience that came with an unprecedented understanding of limited-strike bullion and coins. GSI Exchange has long established its reputation as the safest way to purchase precious metals at the lowest prices. Here are three practical reasons why you might add precious metals to your investment portfolio.

1. Inflation-safe

Inflation tends to affect every aspect of our life. However, you’re in safe hands when it comes to precious metals. They tend to be immune to inflation, which means that in times of most uncertainty, you can still sell your precious metals, gold and silver at a profitable value and garner good ROI. Many people buy gold during inflation because it derives value from scarcity, unlike paper money. Investors know that the value of money is likely to constantly rise and fall, but gold, silver and other precious metals tend to remain steady in their value across time.

GSI Exchange: 3 Reasons to Add Precious Metals To Your Investment Portfolio

2. Easy to access 

Precious metals take the crown when it comes to making investments easy, safe and quick. Nowadays, precious metals are available with a wide variety of banks, dealers and bullion brokers, and markets are flooded with options for investors. The wide variety, at first, might seem intimidating, but on a closer look, it allows investors to make informed decisions, which will ultimately influence how their portfolio looks and what it brings them in return.

3. Global utility

A common investor often remains unaware of the large variety of uses of gold, silver and several other precious metals. While they are certainly synonymous with jewellery, experts at GSI Exchange shed light on their global versatility: “Many sectors, which form the foundation of the modern world, require precious metal for adequate functioning. This includes electronics, phones, cars, silverware, batteries, solar panels and medical equipment. These applications make them universally applicable and timeless in terms of relevance, turning them into practical investment options.”   

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