Get Background Checks and More with UnMask


PUBLISHED: August 13, 2022
Get Background Checks and More with UnMask

Whether it is about finding a distant relative or a childhood friend, “people search engines” play a crucial role in connecting people from different corners of the world. There has been a surge in the number of users on these types of sites recently, one reason being that these sites often act as a tool for background checks. You don’t have to recruit a private detective to discover if a new hire has a criminal record—the job can be done with UnMask, which is also free. 

Offering a gamut of data including contact numbers, emails, addresses, social media accounts, employment history and criminal records, UnMask has been rated 4.85 out of 5 by thousands of people who found it truly beneficial. 

The site offers three different options to search through public records. The first option is “people search,” where you can search someone by name and city. The second option is “phone search,” which provides  information about the owner of a phone number; UnMask offers details about the person’s address and previous addresses, business and other contact information. The third option is “reverse address lookup,” which is more relevant for background checks; it helps find the owner of a property.

This is just the crux of the free people search services that UnMask offers. The people search can unlock the complete data of a person, which includes everything necessary to carry out a security check. Besides providing contact information, criminal records, employment history and academic history, UnMask also reveals property ownership, marital status, professional license records, traffic violations and even age and date of birth. This detailed information can be extremely helpful when learning about a potential new hire.

This method is also user-friendly. All you need to do is input the first and last name of a person and their probable location. The search engine will search public records to offer a list of profiles that match the given data. You can click on any profile to view the basic details of a person. After you find the person you were looking for, order a background check to view more information such as employment, education and litigation records.

Sometimes you might not have the name or the basic details of another person to find them through a standard people search. For instance, a person may be harassed by an unknown caller. In that case, UnMask offers the phone search tool. All that is required is the 10-digit phone number to track down a name, address and additional records.

Another way to utilize the phone search option is to enter the area code and prefix of the phone number to get a list of numbers that match. Then, you can narrow down the search by entering additional digits of the phone number. Finding public records through this reverse lookup option can help a person in different situations: It can stop phone harassers, track an old phone number in your call list, authenticate a company, filter phone calls, ignore telemarketers and prevent scam calls. 

Similarly, the address search option on UnMask can help you track the ownership of a property to avoid scam deals.. This is a useful tool for background checks of people about whom you have no information except their location or address. The simple way to use this tool is to enter the address of a person, and UnMask will search through its database to provide a list of profiles that match.

As a people finder tool, UnMask is different from other internet search engines like Google or Bing. These search engines offer records listed on popular websites that are easily discoverable. UnMask is entirely dedicated to finding people, not information from websites. The site maintains updated public records that may not be available elsewhere. Positive information and credentials are typically easier to find than negative records, which are often less accessible. This is where UnMask makes a difference with background checks. At UnMask, searches are completely confidential, which allows people to control the information they want to share.  

UnMask believes that information regarding the safety and security of a person should be free. So the site operates as a free people search tool to help people across the United States do business with honest partners and surround themselves with people they can trust.

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