Gershbein: Take Control of Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile content drives your actions on LinkedIn; your actions on LinkedIn drive your real-world outcomes. You can be an absolute master in navigating the site, exemplary in your approach to connect with others, and a sparkling conversationalist in the groups, but if you have poor, inaccurate, irrelevant, or underdeveloped content in your LinkedIn profile, it’s a deal-breaker. The highly professional environment of LinkedIn provides you with unique opportunities for name recognition and targeting specific audiences for the selling and marketing of products, services and enterprises. A LinkedIn profile that frames you as the subject matter expert (SME), broadcasts an openness to collaborate, and inspires others to take action relative to your service offering is your absolute best marketing in today’s digital world.

Success Secret No. 3: Construct a Remarkable LinkedIn Profile

Much has been written and discussed about the LinkedIn profile. Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn consists of a central information core that fronts an entire virtual universe through which communication—ideally—flourishes.Your LinkedIn profile is how you are accessed on the site. It contains all pertinent details about your career (past and present), insight into the future and, unlike the other platforms, is more robust and versatile in the ways content is stored and displayed. You get ample space in which to tell your business tale. The key is keeping eyeballs on the page.

If you are like a lot of people I meet in business, the idea of crafting compelling content (please excuse the alliteration!) for your LinkedIn profile is easier said than done. For some, the proposition of sitting at the computer and dredging up engaging descriptions about themselves is daunting. Anyone who has stared up at that blank screen only to be hypnotized by a blinking cursor can surely identify with this challenge. Many give up and copy-and-paste the résumé or repurpose a flat, formulaic bio. Others succumb to writer’s block, leave whole sections blank and convince themselves they’ll get to it later. Yeah, right.

LinkedIn achievers understand that content is king. It always has been; it always will be. They view the development and management of their LinkedIn profiles as the cornerstone of a successful LinkedIn marketing program.

When it comes to the crafting and positioning of your LinkedIn profile, you should:

♦ Create a Formidable Expression of Yourself in Business

Your success in monetizing LinkedIn—however you define it—is directly proportional to the power and reach of your LinkedIn profile. There is a distinct correlation between LinkedIn profile strength and profitable, measureable outcomes. LinkedIn achievers take liberties with their content and strive to project a powerful image in their profiles. Knowing that they present well on LinkedIn heightens their business self-esteem and gives them the confidence to put their best foot forward in the real world.

♦ Choose Your Keywords Judiciously

The two-fold premise for monetizing LinkedIn is to find others with whom you want to connect and to be found yourself. LinkedIn’s value as a research tool cannot be understated. LinkedIn profile content is readily indexed by Google and bolsters Google PageRank. As important as it is to come up high in the search engine listings (both on Google and internally in LinkedIn), it is essential to present well so that visitors to your LinkedIn profile get exactly what they need to know about you. The LinkedIn profile houses a dense assortment of keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) as well as energy words that will build and positively impact your personal brand (this will be discussed in future posts).

♦ Perform Regular LinkedIn Profile Content Audits

If you are spinning your wheels on the site, or lacking the will to connect with others and cultivate business opportunities, it is time to revisit your content. Your LinkedIn profile can (and should) keep pace with every reinvention of yourself. LinkedIn achievers acknowledge that the profile is always a work in progress and will insert or extract content to chronicle real-world change. The LinkedIn profile is a flexible and elastic medium that can accommodate as much or as little content as you’d like to provide.

♦ Seek Creative Direction

Being creative isn’t everybody’s thing. It’s easy to stray from objectivity when you’re trying to write about yourself. LinkedIn achievers realize this early in the process of building out the profile. Once they become stalemated or reluctant to do it themselves, they outsource the work. If you are grappling with the image you are trying to project in your LinkedIn profile, ask trusted members of your network for guidance and feedback. Sometimes, getting that outside-looking-in perspective can be exactly what you need.

Your LinkedIn profile can be instrumental in generating business opportunities that may otherwise not exist. It all comes down to content and presentation and keeping on top of it every day. Make your LinkedIn profile remarkable and it can put you in position to succeed.

Are you in control of YOUR LinkedIn profile? Is it working for you?

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