“Gary Vaynerchuk Sent Me a Bacon Cheeseburger!”

More than a million people follow Gary Vaynerchuk, featured in the February 2014 issue of SUCCESS, on Twitter and one reason is what happens when he occasionally asks: What can I do for you?

“Good morning everyone – need anything?” Vaynerchuk, co-founder of the New York-based VaynerMedia social media brand consulting agency, asked via Twitter on May 15, setting off a flood of responses from people hoping to be among the very few to get him to bite.

“Eggs, I'm out of eggs," responded Daniel Bentley, prompting @GaryVee to ask for his address.

An hour later, the door buzzer rang. Bentley saw before him a box filled with many cartons of eggs.

“Just ran out of Tabasco,” responded Warren Weeks, answering a different what-can-I-do-for-you-tweet on a Sunday (June 30). Vaynerchuk requested his address.

At 7:55 a.m. on July 3, a delivery guy showed up at Weeks’ place—with eight giant bottles of hot sauce. “That’s a lot of Tabasco sauce,” the delivery guy remarked. “Are you guys having a party or something?”

“What I had just received was a lesson in the power of one-to-one marketing by Gary Vaynerchuk,” Weeks wrote afterward, noting that “it wasn't about the contents. It was about the connection. That’s the power of one-to-one marketing. And it’s what so many companies are failing to grasp today as they continue to shell out millions of dollars for ads that no one is seeing or caring about.”  

That incidentally is a crucial point of Vaynerchuk’s latest book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World (HarperCollins). Vaynerchuk relentlessly interacts with people on Twitter. “Want a Free poster?” he asked on Nov. 20. It's an example of the offers he peppers among his many daily tweets, which also include advice, links to his blog posts and videos, pitches to buy his book, personal stuff (“It’s my birthday in 4 days…”), and regular-guy queries like this: “Whatya drinking right now?” And: “I love brussels sprouts. Thoughts?”

So what does it mean to you? You may not want to breakdance at the request of a Twitter follower, as Vaynerchuk did. But he fervently believes you’ll make more sales if you do interact more, thus creating a bond with someone who then may extol your virtues to others who in turn may become fans, growing your customer base. “Gary Vaynerchuk sent me a Bacon Cheeseburger!” exclaims a tweet by MyWebsiteAdvisor.com (@ChrisWebAdvisor), which links to a minute-long YouTube video explaining why and includes a passage any business would love: “Thanks, Mr. Vaynerchuk. He’s inspirational, for sure. Really good social marketing guy. He’s got some really good books out there, if you are into Internet marketing….” And so it goes. Vaynerchuk scores a victory.


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