Funny Side Up: Snapshots from Rita Davenport’s Career as a TV Host

Rita Davenport’s speech impediment made every day words difficult to say. When she described the material from which her dresses were made of, thick feed sack burlap, she said “theed thack.” That didn’t stand in her way of going on to become a successful television host, company president and public speaker.

In this web exclusive, Davenport shares some of her favorite photos with her celebrities guests.

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As a former talk-show host, Rita interviewed celebrities, including the entire Osmond family.


Rita shared speaking platforms with the likes of Zig Ziglar.

Rita interviewed household names and faces, like John Wayne.

Interviewing celebrities like Robert Redford was a natural part of Rita's life on a talk show.

Rita was able to meet and have conversations with people of Hollywood, such as this interviewee, Jerry Lewis.

Rita says Bill Cosby taught her how to use a microphone.


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