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I jumped the couch not long ago, like Tom Cruise avowing his love for Katie Holmes on Oprah’s sofa, because J.R. Martinez, Iraq war veteran, bomb victim and American hero, won the disco-ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars. I had never watched the show before but happened to flip to it one night when I saw what looked like the reincarnation of Fred Astaire before my eyes. Martinez was that astonishing, that graceful and joyful to watch. We are honored to run an exclusive interview with him this month.

And speaking of being honored, “Hizzonner” himself, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, handily won the votes to become the SUCCESS 2011 Achiever of the Year. Who else could run one of the greatest cities in the world at the same time he’s running a media empire with soaring profits? Who else could be loved by nearly every citizen in New York, left or right, young or old, Wall Street tycoon or multi-pierced graffiti artist from Avenue C? This remarkable man, who is also one of the greatest philanthropists in the country, let our reporter and photographer tag along with him on a typical, lo-o-o-ong day. Bloomberg’s profile was written by my old high-school friend Jefferson Flanders (I used to date Jeff’s brother; Jeff dated my best friend). Jeff is not just a fine journalist—he worked at The New York Times for 20 years and taught journalism at NYU—he is also the president and CEO of a startup, MindEdge Inc. So he took on the assignment with the same enthusiasm I remember him having for my pretty friend when we were teens.

And hear ye, hear ye, marketing maestro Seth Godin’s in the house, answering the questions you asked him on our Facebook page (see the Modern Marketing column). You’ll have another chance to ask Seth questions in the fall of this year.


Susan Kane is former editor in chief of SUCCESS. She relocated from New York City, where she was editor of publications such as Parenting and New Woman.

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