From the Corner Office: Michelle Peluso

Travelocity’s CEO Michelle Peluso Travels the Globe to Make Leadership Personal. She share’s her insight with SUCCESS on leading your own inspired life.

Best Success Advice: “Go to work for someone you really admire, even if it means a pay cut. You can learn an enormous amount from them; it’s more important than money and title. Your trajectory is different when you are around people you can learn from.”

Embrace Risk: “Taking risk can accelerate your success. Don’t take shortcuts.” On Character: “Have integrity and follow through. If you take action without integrity, the negative consequences can last a long time.”

Life Balance: “I constantly ask people what their secrets are. I think you have to have your priorities right. Nothing is going to be perfect in a given day, week or year. Some weeks will be too much professionally and not enough community. Have a clear sense of who you are and think of a balanced life over a longer period of time.”

On Leadership: “Learn to stretch and grow as a leader.” Importance of Mentors: “I have mentors all around. I have never been someone who thinks it has to come from someone more senior than you are. You can learn from everyone. It can come from people who work for you. If you are open to it, there is lots of opportunity to learn.”

Time Management: “Cut out ineffective time by not dawdling. Skip watching bad TV. There are more productive uses for downtime.”

Best Way to Learn: Peluso reads stories of famous greats such as Nelson Mandela, Katherine Graham and Abraham Lincoln. “I like to read about courageous people overcoming massive obstacles.”

Motivating Teams: “You have to be a person who genuinely cares about individuals and want to see the spotlight shine on them. Translate goals in ways that are tangible to team members.”

Favorite Quote: “Life is a great adventure, or it’s nothing"–Helen Keller.

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