From Pro Football to Acting and Filmmaking with ‘Ted Lasso’ Star Cristo Fernandez

UPDATED: January 31, 2024
PUBLISHED: November 30, 2022
From Pro Football to Acting and Filmmaking with 'Ted Lasso' Star Cristo Fernandez

For actor and filmmaker Cristo Fernandez, football is life. He started playing professionally at 15, but when injuries put him off course, he made a big move from his hometown in Mexico to London in order to study, make films and act. Now, he talks with On Your Terms host Erin King about creating his own opportunities, landing his big part on Ted Lasso and how the role was developed by and for him, and creating his own production company with his sister. 

Success has a different definition for everyone, but in every case, it relies on your ability to work hard and take hold of opportunities when they come. There may not be one right path to achieving success, but Fernandez believes that if you work hard and remain patient, things will eventually work out. In this episode, Fernandez discusses his transition from sports to film, the series of events that led to him getting the role of Dani Rojas in Ted Lasso, and the importance of knowing that there is no wrong path to success—only opportunities that will help you on the way to achieving your goal

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