Interviews between SUCCESSPublisher, Darren Hardy and Jack Canfield
For the CD bound into the August issue of SUCCESS I sat down with success expert and bestselling co-author of the billion franchise Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield, to get his insights on a few important topics.

These exclusive interviews are usually only available to our SUCCESS magazine subscribers, but Jack shared so many great ideas that it all didn’t fit on our SUCCESS CD.

(If you are not a subscriber, be sure to grab this month’s issue of SUCCESS on the newsstands to hear the best part of the interview that did make it into the publication – great stuff!)

I decided to share the rest with you here in a three part series.

The three topics include goal achieving, wealth building and basic success principles to live life as you’ve always dreamed of.

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Goal Achieving

THIS segment is focused on the topic of goal achieving. Here Jack walks you through deciding what you want, to taking action and maintaining momentum.


Key Notes:

  • Getting over self-limiting factors your upbringing created and other fears
  • 3 techniques to better goal achieving
  • One is similar to this strategy: SEE HERE
  • The most powerful influence to achieving success with your goals
  • How to properly visualize and mobilize your dreams
  • What stops people from taking action
  • How to stay committed and maintain momentum

Wealth Building

THIS segment is focused on the topic of wealth building. Here Jack discusses what you can do as an entrepreneur or small business owner to create financial success… in any economy.


Key Notes:

  • How to transform your limiting beliefs so you can turn on your wealth attraction magnet

EX – money doesn’t grow on trees, not enough money to go around, money is the root of all evil, you can’t get rich in a recession, easier for a camel to get through eye of a needle than a rich man get into heaven, you can’t be rich and spiritual, blah, blah, phooey.

  • I like the screen saver idea…
  • Formula for becoming wealthy – Jack has done it himself. Good advice!
  • How to generate different forms of income
  • How to gain leverage
  • How to multiply your money
  • Get out of debt strategies

Great story of guy (late 20’s) never went to college – made 10M on eBay in one year

Success Principles

THIS segment is focused on the principles of success. In this segment we cover everything from self-esteem, positive self-talk to finding a mentor.


Key Notes:

  • Self-esteem, how it affects our lives and how to improve it
  • How to monitor your self-talk
  • I like the idea of a “victory log”
  • The mirror exercise sounds a little uncomfortable though!
  • One technique to start and end our day that can have a profound impact on our lives
  • How to find, contact and work with a mentor
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Enjoy! -DH

Darren Hardy is the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven Formula for Achieving Big Goals.

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