FREE Audio Excerpts – Dr. Srikumar Rao

If you read SUCCESS (I hope you do!), you saw Dr. Rao featured in the pages of our September issue. The response was so great that we were compelled to bring him back and interview him live for everyone to hear on the CD inside of the October issue of SUCCESS.

Dr. Rao is the former professor who taught a personal-development course at both the Columbia University School of Business and the London School of Business, and the author of Are You Ready to Succeed?

Our interview lasted over an hour, but we were only able to fit 20 minutes of it on the CD. Even though this content is reserved only for SUCCESSsubscribers (hey, it’s only two bucks and change a month!), I decided to release the additional excerpts here. Enjoy!

SEGMENT #1 – In this segment Dr. Rao discusses business relationships and how to create meaningful interactions with customers and colleagues alike.


SEGMENT #2 – In this segment Dr. Rao discusses the topic of personal mastery and how to get a handle on your mental chatter.


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