Fly Like a Rock Star

Commercial air travel can be a grind. There’s the tedium of trudging through security, the food, the middle seats. But who can afford to charter his own plane? Today, thanks to a company called Set Jet, there’s a happy middle ground.

Set Jet is a new members-based service that features the ease and comfort of flying via private jet without the sky-high price tag. Says co-founder and CEO Tom Smith: “Set Jet fills the gap by offering its members a very reasonably priced flight, along with the experience of flying on a luxurious private jet, without the expense and headaches of chartering or owning the whole plane.”

Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., Set Jet whisks its members between its private terminal at Scottsdale Airport and four destinations: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Vegas. Members are prescreened and pay a membership fee of $100 a month. The flights themselves, aboard Bombardier aircraft outfitted with a “VIP executive interior,” cost between $350 and $400 one way.

Set Jet’s business model is a hybrid between a commercial airline and a private charter service. “You’re not booking the entire plane,” explains Smith, “just a seat on a flight. There can be up to 15 members per flight. However, Set Jet guarantees that the flight will take place even if only one member buys a seat.” And not only will you be cruising on jets like the ones rock stars and high-powered CEOs use, but you’ll get to skip the security line, park for free right near the terminal, and enjoy free Wi-Fi both at the gate and on the plane, as well as complimentary top-shelf alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and snacks during your trip.

“We want to bring members back to a time when folks looked forward to the joy of travel and give them a true five-star experience,” Smith says. “After all, isn’t convenience the greatest luxury?”


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