Flip Flippen: Separate Great Leaders from Typical Leaders

There I sat, listening to a business friend who had not received the promotion that he had hoped and worked for. He was obviously disappointed and seriously considering a move to a different organization.

He made it clear that the person the board had chosen was not qualified to lead. In fact, my friend was positive that he should have been chosen and it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to consider what it would be like to work for the new president. This is a common event in the corporate world, and it is one of the most difficult situations to be in.

I asked my friend how successful he thought the new president would be and he was quick to say, “I don’t think my concerns were heard; I don’t think I was considered enough for the position, and I think he will fail, eventually.”

“So, what do you think your role should be in all of this?” I asked.

This is where it gets really tough. In fact, this question really separates the great leaders from the typical leaders. I want him focused less on his own career path and more on how he can lead through this transition.

Trust me, no one worth his or her salt enjoys being passed over for a promotion or having to deal with new leadership. But great leaders can see the bigger picture and look introspectively at themselves. “What can I do differently?” is the question I want him asking himself.

Commitment to excellence is a personal thing. The good news is that you can begin it anytime you want! You simply have to be committed to it.

Be your personal best—believe me, there is a lot of room at the top for those who pursue that goal.

Flip Flippen is a New York Times best-selling author as well as a widely recognized entrepreneur, educator, philanthropist. As the founder of The Flippen Group, one of the largest leadership development companies in North America, he is committed to “bringing out the best in people.”


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