Flash Mob: Market Yourself with a Good Camera

Whether it’s to market your business and yourself via social media or just capture good times with family and friends, it’s important to have a good camera. Luckily, there’s never been a better time, or more ways, to become a shutterbug. These diverse cameras are our picks to click.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1


For the serious photographer in need of a smaller weapon, the DSC-RX1 is the first compact full-frame digital camera, with image quality rivaling that of bulky professional models. It’s not cheap at $2,798, but with 24-megapixel resolution and a 35mm Carl Zeiss lens in such a minute frame, it’s a trailblazer.

Olympus Stylus TG-2


Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and freeze-proof, this $379 gem is perfect for those who vacation hard. The Stylus TG-2 is ideal for snorkeling and diving, and there are a ton of add-on accessories, such as an underwater flash for shooting video.

Fujifilm X100S


It would blend in on the set of Mad Men, but its 16-megapixel images look as stunning as the $1,299.99 X100S itself, and lest you think the retro look is just for show, there’s an optical viewfinder for shooting the old-fashioned way as well as a rear-panel LCD screen.

Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS


Looking for better quality than the camera in your smartphone, but want to stay pocket-sized and affordable? The $199 Elph 330 HS is your best bet. It’s super-slim, with 10x zoom range for faraway subjects, and has built-in Wi-Fi. Immediately share your shots and full HD videos on social media—and even comment on them.

iPhone 5


So yeah, most of us are already carrying around cameras of reasonable quality by way of our smartphones. The iPhone 5, priced at $199 and up, happens to stand out from the crowd. It does quite well in low-light scenarios, and its color accuracy is solid. Extra features such as a panorama effect and front-facing camera for video-chats add to the fun.


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