FIT for SUCCESS: 90 Days to a New You

The FIT for SUCCESS Challenge is the gateway to transformation—true and lasting change—from the inside out. This is an opportunity to create a powerful transformation have a performance lifestyle, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy more clarity, more energy, more strength, more success and, ultimately, more freedom.

In the next 90 days, we’re going to cover a lot of ground, so let’s get started with this preview of what’s to come.

Step 1: The Power of a Vision, the Clarity of Goals
Together, we’ll start by setting strong, energizing, clearly defined goals for your 90 days. In the process, we’ll shed light on a subject and terms that are often mistakenly used interchangeably in business and fitness—the difference between your goals and your vision. The distinction is essential to your success.

So often, people unknowingly, and despite good intentions, combine goals with vision. They see amazing and inspiring before and after photos, and then decide they want to lose 100 pounds in 12 weeks or make an extra million bucks in three months. Blending goals and vision usually results in failure because the tension between the points is too tight and, eventually, something breaks, testing your motivations—but only after you get fully stressed about it.

Step 2: A Six-Day System Reboot: Renew, Recharge, Re-energize
A decade and millions of transformations later, arguably the most important discovery from the collective body of knowledge is that most people are not fit enough to get fit. The standard fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle leaves people depleted, exhausted and compromised—and in no position to make a radical shift in diet and exercise. You will benefit from the accumulated wisdom culled from previous fitness-transformation failures and begin your 90 days with what I’ve defined as the new, first move in fitness transformations—the reboot.

In the 90-day FIT for SUCCESS Challenge, you will begin with a six-day reboot, the essential first move in any fitness program. Rather than diving into an empty pool, the first six days will be spent replenishing your reserves and getting your body and mind focused on a state of positive energy flow. It’s a classic step back to take 12 steps forward. Not doing this step almost ensures you will fail to achieve your fitness goals.

Choose to embrace the six-day reboot, and you will be following a simple set of practices designed to reinvigorate your body and mind, including:
•    Cleaning up your diet by eliminating refined foods and sugars, and empty calories (no calorie deprivation though).
•    Getting restful sleep.
•    Practicing positive focus.
•    Engaging in a modest training plan—also known as light exercise—just to get you in the practice of moving.

Step 3: FIT for SUCCESS: A Strong Body and a Strong Mind
Following your successful six-day reboot is a simple, sound, proven fitness-training program, which is a more effective and efficient version of the classic transformation plan.

A full-third less demanding on your time, the program integrates a specific balance of strength-training, cardio and stretching for fast, fun and effective results. We’re not talking about hours in the gym, but more like 30 or 35 minutes six days a week. The strength-training routine itself can be done at home with very limited equipment.

The secret to getting more from less is in the “Focus Intensity Technique” (FIT), which will fully engage your mind and increase intensity ability shorter, more effective workouts. I’ll show you how the quality of your training trumps the quantity.

Step 4: Tap into Motivation: Start Strong, Finish Stronger
Why Discipline Fails: The Four Steps to Unstoppable Motivation

In more than 20 years of helping athletes, celebrities and other driven achievers become stronger, leaner and faster, I’ve come to know what above all else to be true: There is no perfect program. All success—short and lasting—depends on motivation to start and to continue. That is the single most powerful force in generating results.

And you know, it’s not nearly as magical or mystical as many like to make it. Motivation is not being swept away on a dream or having it easy. It’s wanting to do “this” more than “that,” however small, over and over until “this” becomes the only desired choice.

I’ll show you how to uncover the motivation to start, and then ignite your fire to continue and, ultimately, set yourself free from discipline. We’ll work to instill the motivation so deeply in your being that eating well and exercising are as much a part of who you are that they no longer efforts but rather they’re standards.

What if I showed you how you could fall in love with not just the feeling of being fit but the art of training itself, so that you could have the body, the energy and all that comes with it—without relying on boatloads of discipline?

Never struggle with exercise again! Discover how to bring enjoyment into your training. You may actually find yourself falling in love with only the results but with the art of getting fit, much like people fall in love with the game of golf.

Step 5: Training Doesn’t Take Time… It Makes Time
Learn a Revolutionary Method to Sharpen Your Focus, Shape Your Body and Increase Your Overall Productivity and Results in Life

On the surface, it appears the FIT for SUCCESS Challenge is all about losing weight, gaining some muscle and feeling better physically. While all that is true, even those promises can and will be met with some resistance.

In my experience I’ve found that the No. 1 reason—or apology even—busy people have for not taking better care of their bodies is “I don’t have the time.” Though I try to help people become free from that limiting view, it remains a very real challenge for many.

To change this perspective for the busy leaders and achievers, I offer this: In the next 90 days, I’ll share with you the Focus Intensity Techniques to not only teach you how to get fit, but how to be more focused, less-stressed and able to produce greater results in less time, not just in the gym, but at work and in life.

If you’re like most, the suggestion of increased performance and more time and freedom might have you on the edge of your seat. Even if you work out regularly, these 90 days will make you more efficient, maximize your training results and energize your life. Seize the moment, and sign up now.


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