Ep. 91: How to Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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Our goal on this week’s episode is to make you uncomfortable—in a good way. To do that, Josh meets up with The Barefoot Executive author and speaker Carrie Wilkerson to discuss reaching outside your comfort zone. Plus, he and Shelby share tips for stretching yourself, finding your inner bravery and handling the things that make you uncomfortable when it comes to reaching for success.

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  • How do we get comfortable being uncomfortable? Wilkerson highlights the importance of taking the first step:
    • “First dance moves, first time in a new house, first time in a new job… if you’re OK with those discomfort moments, those uncomfortable moments, then you can find growth. After we do it a few times, the muscle gets stronger. The dance moves get more normal. People get used to each other’s weirdness.”
  • When you’re stuck in a rut, do these four things to get back on track:
    • Move toward your fears.
    • Give up control and try something new.
    • Switch up your routine.
    • Condition yourself. Personal growth is a like muscle.
  • Sometimes you just have to say yes. Shonda Rhimes did it for an entire year, following through on requests from important people in her life. Like Rhimes’ Year of Yes, say yes to more things that get you out of your comfort zone.


Favorite quote from this episode:

“Humans, we’re too comfortable. It’s too easy to be where we are…. The people that do the most, that better themselves the most, that tweak all those things, are the people that are OK being uncomfortable.”

Carrie Wilkerson

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