Ep. 88: Step One to Becoming an Influencer

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We can’t control everything in our lives, but we can use the power of influence to sway things in our favor. Before you can influence those around you, though, you must first learn to influence yourself. This week speaker and trainer Michael Bernoff shares questions we should ask ourselves regarding self-influence in a clip from his popular speech at SUCCESS Live Long Beach. Plus, Josh and Shelby discuss five ways smart people influence themselves.

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  • In his SUCCESS Live keynote, Bernoff gives some valuable advice all up-and-coming influencers can use:
  1. Find a mentor
    • “If you want to get good at something, you have the ability to do it if you could find somebody that can help you get good at it.”
  2. Have a strategic influence over yourself
    • “You open [the fridge] and you’re staring at the broccoli and the cheesecake or the chocolate cake. And at that moment you have a decision to make. Can I control who it is that I am? Do I have the power to close the door?
  • Plus, Bernoff shares a couple of questions to help you understand your motives:
    • What would an outsider observe about my life? This question leads to an honest assessment of where you are right now.
    • What was my original reason for pursuing my passion? This questions reveals whether your purpose for getting started needs to change based on new circumstances.
  • Josh and Shelby swap personal stories about how hard it is to influence yourself. Two ways to make it happen include making peace with the uncontrollable and letting go of the past. Read more about influencing yourself here.

More tools for success:

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Favorite quote from this episode:

“It’s not necessarily just influencing other people; it’s about you becoming a person of influence.”

—Michael Bernoff

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