Ep. 85: What Type of Procrastinator Are You?

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On this week’s episode, we tackle a beast of a topic, procrastination. Shelby fesses up to her last minute tendencies and we talk with Mary Lamia, author of What Motivates Getting Things Done: Procrastination, Emotions and Success, to learn why so many people are procrastinators. And we discuss the different types of procrastination and some seemingly counterintuitive advice for beating them all.

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  • Lamia reveals the two factors that make high achievers shine:
    • They don’t miss deadlines, whether they procrastinated or not.
    • They always produce quality work.


  • Lamia sheds some light on how our emotions can inspire processes for getting things done:

“If you’re a deadline driven procrastinator, you’re not going to be activated by a pile of dishes in the sink until something else triggers the emotion in you.”


“We see procrastinators who are up against a deadline for a major project saying that they’re distracted, and they’re cleaning their closets and they’re doing the dishes… They reprimand themselves for being distracted, when in fact, they are not distracted at all.”


“They are simply activated by their emotions at that moment… The deadline isn’t quite close enough. They’re putting that energy into all those other things, and then they get to the task at hand and they pull it off.”


  • Not all procrastination is created equally. Josh and Shelby highlight three common types:
    • Overwhelm: avoiding projects that seem too intense
    • Fear: avoiding the unknown
    • Lack of benefit: avoiding the risk-reward cycle in favor of comfort


Learn more about these procrastination types, including how to beat them, here.


Favorite quote from this episode:

“Procrastinators seem to be able to keep things in mind for a long period of time, mull it over, organize it, create an outlineand that’s why they could spit it out in one drop. I admire them.”

—Mary Lamia

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