Ep. 8: Stop Stressing About Stress


How to handle stress better once and for all. Learn what stress does to our bodies from stress researcher Amanda Enayati, who’ll share tips for effectively managing the effects of personal technology. Also, we count down the top causes of stress from a recent survey and discuss ways we’ve found to combat our own stress.


  • How do you cope with stress? New research shows that acknowledging it, rather than avoiding it, is the first step to healthy stress management. Josh and Shelby analyze the top seven sources of stress in the U.S. and how to deal with them.

  • Shelby reveals her top productivity time and why it’s causing her more stress, whereas Josh struggles with media overload.

  • Author and stress expert Amanda Enayati talks digital clutter, and tips for clearing out your mind.

  • Is your bad attitude spreading to the people in your life? Learn about “emotional contagion” and how to be a positive force of energy.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“It’s not just physical things anymore that are distracting us and dragging at our mindset and productivity… but it’s also these things in the ether: these ideas, these emails, these tweets. It’s nonstop.”

—Josh Ellis

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